Why Are some Photo Booths better than others?

1. Real Photo Booth! –  Photo booths have become especially popular in recent years, covering a wide range of customers from weddings and corporate events to charity and grade school events. Many kiosk style “photo booths” have popped up all over the country and may be great for some functions but photo booths they are not. When you have a kiosk style booth you end up missing out on the best part of having a photo booth at your event. The experience of a real photo booth cannot be replaced by just stacking photos on top of one another in a strip. People like having the privacy that comes with closing the curtains for those intimate moments. The nostalgia felt when getting in a classic photo booth or the challenge of getting 5 or 6 friends all cramming into the booth trying to make sure every head is in the photo, is simply irreplaceable.

2. Quality – Quality – Quality! – Things like printer quality, lighting and print speed are super important to the success of your photo booth event. Our printers take only seconds to print 2 sets of pictures and we can easily make additional copies if more than 2 people are in the booth or we are making a scrapbook.

Check the pictures, make sure they are not grainy, pixelated or washed out. Ensuring that the picture quality is good will have people leaving your photo booth satisfied with your product. Our photo booths are made with high end cameras and custom software ensuring we have the best pictures available.

Quality does not stop at the photo booth or equipment you use, having good attendants running them is just as important. We always make sure that we hire the best attendants which are also trained on-site technicians that alleviate the headache of having to change printer paper or make adjustments on camera focus or color hue. We often get emails of appreciation with regards to the outstanding performance of our attendants.

3. Price – Photo booth rentals can vary from about $499-$1299 per event. Don’t be fooled by cheaper, pipe & drape booths or open air set ups. Like anything you invest in you get what you pay for, so chances are a “photo booth” company that has a pipe and drape set up probably skimped on camera and printer costs as well. Go with a real photo booth and give your guests something they will enjoy. Remember memories are priceless!

4. Time – Most events are from 3-5 hours. This really depends on the type of event you are hosting and the total number of guests that you are expecting. Our photo booth is such a hit, that it is normally being occupied even after the event is over. Plan for this. Make sure you know if extra charges apply for going over your time. Our support team can give immediate updates on scheduling keeping our attendants up to date on timing, so if your event goes over the scheduled time we can try to make arrangements to finish out the event. During the busy season this can be more difficult so try to plan appropriately.

5. Photo Booth Guest Book – Is a guestbook available? This is an important question to ask if you are considering a photo booth for a wedding, birthday, and even some corporate events. Having something memorable to take home or put on display immediately is a great feeling. We use a good, quality scrapbook with removable pages that are front and back, glues sticks for a clean stick and premium metallic pens that make the page pop. Our attendants are always there to give good advice to aid your guests when creating a great looking page. If you opt to have a guestbook at your event our attendants print out extra copies that way everyone who entered the booth personally gets one and an additional one to attach to the guestbook. We always give a few extra blank pages at the end of the event so you can add your creative touch later.

6. Special booth types? – Pictures are great, no question, but can you leave a video message to congratulate the newlyweds? Do you want a slow-motion booth to really get a laugh out of people? Maybe its that one day of the year that we all get to call our own and you want to show off those elegant gowns with a Mirror booth. Whatever the occasion having the ability to leave someone a special video message is great. We offer our customers a 30 sec video option that is sure to be a hit at your event. Our attendants walk each guest through the video message process so you have quality videos to celebrate your day.

7. Logo And Branding – Not all photo booth companies offer logos or branding.
If you want your guest to remember where they were when they had that wonderful experience, then a logo at the bottom of the photo strip is the way to go and we can customize your logo to meet your desired effect at no extra charge.

Branding your photo booth is when custom logos are added to the exterior of the booth itself, allowing you to promote a product or express the theme of the event. Branding the photo booth itself is a great way to draw attention to your company or organization. (extra cost due to expense of manufacturing)

8. What Happens After Your Event? – What’s next? What happens to all of those great pictures and videos after your event is over? Our company uses a secured web-gallery that we upload your pictures to so you and your guests can view and download the pictures and videos at anytime. Not only do you get a digital copy of all prints that came out, you get a digital copy of all the original pictures as well!

Remember how we talked about quality above? Because we use high quality DSLR’s and not webcams, you are able to enlarge those original pictures to amazing sizes!

9. How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book? – We tend to be busy on the weekends, almost every Friday and Saturday and sometimes even through Sunday. If you are planning a function on the weekend then booking should be done 3-6 months out to ensure you get put on the schedule.

During the year we also have a wedding season that often peaks around April and going through into November, if you are planning an event during this time of year then you should be closer to the 6 month end of the booking stage if not earlier. Every month and every year is different though and sometimes we hit a large booking in the off season, so once again the sooner the better.

10. Do Your Homework! – Don’t just settle for the cheapest, you will more than likely regret it and all of those memories are lost to time. Every photo booth company offers something different but quality and a guarantee of excellent service is not something that comes standard in the industry. We come second to none and have the longevity to prove it. Since 2015 we have been providing our customers with unforgettable memories and most continue to use us year after year. We have been paving the way, we set systems in place that enables us to be flexible without negating service. Before every event we clean and test our booths to ensure they are functioning properly and provide the best service to our customers. Our props are cleaned after each event to make sure they are sanitary for the next group to use. We use only high end props as well! We also remove broken and worn out props so you are not left with hand-me-downs, we don’t believe in shortcuts but we do believe our customers deserve the best.