What kind of Photo Booth?!

So many types of photo booths!

You’re looking for a photo booth rental and you realize “OMG there’s so many options!” Open, enclosed, 360, roaming, mirror, GIF, Boomerang, social, video, and Slow Motion. These are all different types of Photo booths that are available and out there today. You may have heard us ask you about what kind  of photo booth that you are looking for for your special day or event. Let us give a quick over view of what all of these different options are.

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Open Style Photo Booth

Simply put an open style photo booth is one without walls. If your provider is good, they will include an elegant backdrop of your choosing for the pictures. These are very popular, and allow all the guests to see the fun that you are having in the booth!

Enclosed Photo Booth

An enclosed photo booth is one that has either walls or curtains to allow for a more private feeling. Some companies only provide the old sit down type where 2 people can fit at most. Ours are large and proud! We can fit up to 16 people in our largest size and guests love the changing lights of it! Makes for an awesome talking piece in any party!

%Unique Photo Booth In NY%Roc the Booth

360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Photo Booth is an experience unlike any others we offer! An elegant and top of the line product that will really set your event apart from all others! Awesome custom and slow motion videos set to a upbeat music and great to share!


Made famous by the Kardashians, the Glam booth is one of the hottest trends! Skin smoothing, special filters, and just a classic look make this all the rage!

%Unique Photo Booth In NY%Roc the Booth
%Unique Photo Booth In NY%Roc the Booth

Insta-Social Booth

An all digital social option at a budget photo booth price! If you’ve used Instagram at all, this is just like their Boomerang function! Easy to use with GIFS, Boomerangs, and Pics!

Roaming Photo Booth

Got a party with limited space but still want a photo booth? Get our roaming photo booth and have the booth go to your guests! We’ll walk around with a Digital Photo Booth and everyone gets to have fun!

%Unique Photo Booth In NY%Roc the Booth

A Mirror booth is an elegant photo booth meant for guests to be show off their very best in a full length version. Are you having a wedding or a ball where everyone is dressed to the 9’s and they’re going to want to remember how stunning their full length dress looked? Then a Mirror booth is what you want! It’s interactive videos will draw the guest in and they’ll be able to see themselves in the mirrored front!

Slow Motion Video Booth

This to me is one of the most fun booths we have! Who doesn’t love getting to throw money at someone and watch a smile appear on everyones face! It’s a great booth to really pull out the unique props or do things that would normally be too fast to see and watch them happen right before your eyes all set to a nice music! Then send it to yourself and upload to Instagram or Facebook!