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Mirror Booth

%Unique Photo Booth In NY%Roc the Booth

Photo booth technology just leveled up! Say hello to the most elegant, attractive and engaging way to entertain guests at your event. Highly portable, and suitable for any space, the Mirror Booth looks deceptively like any other mirror at a glance. But with an intuitive user interface and a hi-res concealed camera, it’s the perfect way to entertain even the most cynical party-goers. This small-but-mighty selfie mirror is rapidly growing in popularity – and for very good reason – it’s guaranteed to create a lengthy queue of eager guests waiting to enjoy their turn.

So simple to use that your grandma can do it, the selfie mirror takes the photo booth concept into the smartphone era. Guests can see themselves interacting with the photo booth in real time, resulting in a unique and highly memorable experience, complete with instant digital souvenirs. It’s easy to customize the eye-catching animated greetings to suit your special occasion, or prompt guests to dress up, strike a pose, or blow a kiss at the screen. The photos can be shared directly from the booth to your preferred social media platform, creating a live feed of your event for the whole world to see. The mirror booth isn’t just a part of your party, it is the party.