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Photo Booth Types

Open, enclosed, mirror, GIF, Boomerang, social, video, and Slow Motion. These are all different types of Photo booths that are available and out there today. You may have heard us ask you about what kind  of photo booth that you are looking for for your special day or...

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Selfie station or Photo booth?

Don’t Be Satisfied With Selfies – Use A Photo Booth for Fun, Memorable Moments.   “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us,” wrote Oscar Wilde. Memories are the moments that could not be captured in words but stay in our heart always. With the advent...

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How Much to Rent a Photo Booth?

How much does a photo booth cost? How many times have you thought this about pretty much anything these days? Why is that so expensive? Why do photo booths cost too much?   We live in an age where access to a good camera is so easy these days. Look around you....

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What to look for in a Photo Booth

Why Are some Photo Booths better than others? 1. Real Photo Booth! -  Photo booths have become especially popular in recent years, covering a wide range of customers from weddings and corporate events to charity and grade school events. Many kiosk style “photo booths”...

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